China and Russia create world’s first civil submarine

China and Russia create world’s first civil submarine
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Until the end of 2017, China plans to complete with the help of Russian scientists the construction of the world's first controlled submarine for civilian purposes, China Daily reports.

According to the newspaper, Tianjin Co Ostar Underwater Vehicles, with the support of Russian research institutes, is engaged in the project. As a deputy general manager of the company, Zou Unchange, noted, the submarine is capable to carry from 20 to 40 passengers and dive to a depth of 24 meters.

He added that two major Chinese travel companies, Zhangjiajie and Beibu Gulf, show their interest in the project.

Zou Unchange noted that, for the purpose of developing the submarine, the company established a joint venture with the participation of several research institutes of Russia. It received the name of Ostar Sino-Russia Joint Marine Technology Research Institute.