Crimea to be built up with resort industry-based towns

Crimea to be built up with resort industry-based towns
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The future of the Crimea in construction of new resort towns on the Peninsula, the head of the State Council (the Parliament) of the Crimean Republic, Vladimir Konstantinov said in an interview with RIA Novosti news agency.

In his opinion, there are absolutely gorgeous and undeveloped places, for example, near the village of Nikolaevka, and in the area from Alushta to Sudak.

Certainly, the development of potential of these areas will require enormous investments. But these territories will be of interest to investors. On the first line, there are riverbanks, on the second one — entertainment area and on the third there are residential buildings for the elite clients, while the fourth lines provides housing for staff.

The implementation of such projects is very convenient, as the industry-based towns are created from scratch. At the same time, conditions for the implementation of investment projects in the Crimea are very favorable.