$8,6m pavilion for pandas to be built in Moscow zoo

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$8,6m pavilion for pandas to be built in Moscow zoo
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A unique separate pavilion for keeping pandas will be built on the territory of the Moscow zoo at a cost of 500 million roubles ($8,6 million).

According to Life.ru, the new enclosure can be visited without entering the territory of the zoo.

The new facility, housing giant and small pandas, is planned to be erected over the course of the year. A total area of the pavilion will amount to 3.5 thousand sq. m.

As it became known, the pavilion, which will receive the name “China”, will be located on the old territory and will consist of three floors. The second floor will house red pandas.

Apart from pandas, there will be up to 14 different species of animals and birds, in particular, Golden monkeys and Mandarin ducks in the new pavilion.