USA imposes new sanctions against eight Russian companies

USA imposes new sanctions against eight Russian companies
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In connection with violation of the US law on non-proliferation regarding North Korea, Iran and Syria, the United States imposed sanctions against eight Russian companies.

“The sanctions were applied to eight Russian companies as a result of regular revision of the specific activity, as required by the Act on non-proliferation”, — the U.S. State Department told Interfax news agency on Saturday.

As the agency’s interlocutor noted, the sanctions were imposed against the following companies: the 150th Aircraft Repair Plant; Aviaexport Association, NGO Basalt; Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau in Kolomna; Rosoboronexport; Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute; Ural Training Center for Civil Aviation; Air Force Academy n.a. Zhukovsky and Gagarin.

“These sanctions are separate from broader economic sanctions that had been imposed, starting from 2014, as a result of the occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea and aggression in Eastern Ukraine”, — the State Department’s representative said