Unique “Museum Park” to be built in Moscow

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Unique “Museum Park” to be built in Moscow
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Construction of a unique “Museum Park” started on Novaya Square in the center of Moscow, Russia’s capital city.

As Construction.RU was told today by the press office of Moscow Mayor Office, the new recreational open space would connect Polytechnical Museum and “Zaryadye” park by a walking route.

“Museum Park” will start from Green amphitheater, where lectures and concerts will be held.

The pedestrian area itself will unite the existing routes in the center of Moscow through the streets of Nikolskaya, Myasnitskaya, Maroseika, Pokrovka and the under construction “Zaradye” park.

Pedestrian flow and traffic will be available on Novaya Square despite the construction activities. After the 1st of May, seven lanes will be opened for automobile traffic.