65-meter dome to be installed at Dubai’s Expo 2020

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65-meter dome to be installed at Dubai’s Expo 2020
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A dome with the height of 65 meters and with the diameter of 150 meters is planned to be erected at the central site of the international exhibition 2020 EXPO in Dubai, according to the National, the UAE newspaper.

The structure will consist of light, translucent material, and images will be projected to its surface. At night, the dome will be transformed into a panoramic screen both for inside and outside spectators. Beneath the dome, fountains, artificial waterfalls and gardens will be located.

Details of an architectural design of the exhibition’s main square was made public by the event’s organizers.

Construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019.

Most of the work at the construction site will be carried out in 2018. About 43,000 workers will be involved in the construction project’s implementation.