Israeli IAI developed “Cockatoo” drone for Brazil

Israeli IAI developed “Cockatoo” drone for Brazil
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IAI, an Israeli concern, jointly with its partner in the Brazilian company Avionics Services, presented “Cockatoo” (Caçador) unmanned aerial vehicle with a takeoff weight of 1270 kg at the exhibition of arms and military equipment 2017 LAAD in Rio de Janeiro.

The drone is a Heron 1 apparatus designed by IAI, and modified to the requirements of Brazilian customers. The Defense Ministry of Brazil has entered the devise into the list of strategic defense products.

The work on the project began three years ago following the signing of an agreement between the Israeli company IAI and Avionics Services. Their joint efforts were aimed at the creation of a new national center of competence in the field of unmanned systems, with the center for unmanned aircraft based on Botucatu airfield.

The first flight of the prototype of “Cockatoo” medium-altitude drone with the long duration of flight took place in 2016.