IKEA invests $17,8 million in renovation of mall in Kazan

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IKEA invests $17,8 million in renovation of mall in Kazan
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IKEA has invested 1 billion rubles ($17,8 million) into renovation of MEGA mall in Kazan, the capital city of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, a manager of  shopping center, Liana Sirazetdinova, told reporters.

“The interior and exterior have been modernized. Inside the mall, we replaced 12,000 square meters of tiles. We renovated the facade, rebuilt the entrances and upgraded a parking. The budget amounted to 1 billion rubles. This amount does not include the modernization of a food court,” Liana Sirazetdinova said.

According to her, the project lasted for three years, but physical work, noticeable to customers, had been conducted for a year. Within the framework of the renovation, a rendezvous point was created. A garden square with a color music fountain and a steam effect will be established there.