Bundestag supports Nord Stream-2 project, German official says

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Bundestag supports Nord Stream-2 project, German official says
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Bundestag, the national Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany, supports the Nord Stream-2 project and considers that construction of the pipeline’s offshore section shall not be governed by the laws of the European Union, Chairman of the Bundestag Committee for Economy and Energy, Peter Ramsauer, announced.

“Russian gas will play a very crucial role in the decarbonization (a decline in the share of coal in electricity generation – editor’s note) of Germany under the abandonment of nuclear energy. Until we expand our infrastructure, a key role will be given to Russian gas. Over time it will become increasingly important,” Ramsauer said during a meeting between Russian and German parliamentarians.

“In this context, a clear "Yes" to Nord Stream-2 project should be said. Having this project implemented, we will be able to double the amount of gas directly delivered to Germany – from 55 billion cubic meters to 110 billion cubic meters. It will correspond to the amount of gas consumed annually in Germany,” Peter Ramsauer noted.