Leader of secessionist group Yes California moves to Russia

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Leader of secessionist group Yes California moves to Russia
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The leader of Yes California movement, Louis Marinelli, who advocates Calexit (exit of the state of California from the United States) decided to abandon the idea and move to Russia.

Louis Marinelli said that he found in Russia a new happiness — a life without worries and disturbances, and if people in Russia welcomes him to live in the country on a permanent basis, he would make Russia his new home.

The head of the movement also added that he was not going back to California in the foreseeable future. Therefore, he noted, the “only right thing” on his part would be a withdrawal of the petition demanding Calexit, so that other people not associated with Marinelli would be able to introduce the issue for reconsideration.

Louis Marinelli carried out the preparations for a referendum on California’s independence from the USA, living in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, where he moved with his wife in September 2016.