Russian Railways complete reconstruction of railroads in Serbia

Russian Railways complete reconstruction of railroads in Serbia
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RZD International, a subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways, has completed reconstruction of Vinarci – Dzordzevo railway line in Serbia, the last of the six sections of the 10th Trans-European corridor, where the company had been carrying out work in Serbia.

This information contains in a statement released by the company. RZD International has completed the replacement of 15 km of the lower and upper track structure, 8 turnouts, as well as repaired 11 railroad crossings, and reconstructed main tracks on the stations of Leskovac and Dzordzevo.

Now the speed of trains, which previously did not exceed 50 km/h, is capable to reach up to 120 km/h. As it was previously reported, the cost of this project amounts to more than $38 million.

RZD International has been implementing a contract for the construction and reconstruction of railway infrastructure in Serbia since March 2014. The agreement was signed within the framework of a agreement between the governments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Serbia, according to which Serbia was granted a state export credit in the amount of $800 million.