Dutch Dalsem takes part in Russia’s hi-tech greenhouse project

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Dutch Dalsem takes part in Russia’s hi-tech greenhouse project
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Since March, construction work of a zero cycle has been carried out in Cherepovets, the Russian city located on the shores of the Rybinsk Reservoir, in the Northwestern Federal District of the country.

Now, builders arrange pits, conduct the layout of a site and, in the near future, the driving of a pile field for greenhouses placement will be carried out, the press office of the municipal investment agency reports.

The construction will cost 2 billion 300 million rubles, including both internal and borrowed funds. The project envisages construction of a block of greenhouses with the area of 8.2 hectares, as well as a number of auxiliary facilities, including a modern thermal power plant. The gas operating TPP will provide a highly efficient year-round production of vegetables at a relatively low cost. Apart from that, the project developers intend to dispose of waste heat.

The greenhouses are planned to produce 5923 tons of cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. Some of the vegetables will be sold in Cherepovets, the other part will be realized in other regions of Russia.

The project combines Russian and Dutch experiences and enjoy the support of investors. Structures and technological equipment for the project will be supplied by the Dutch company Dalsem. During the first year of the greenhouses operation, the project will be accompanied by two agronomy specialist from Holland.