Turkish investors aspire to build factories in Crimea

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Turkish investors aspire to build factories in Crimea
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Turkish investors are interested in construction of a cement plant in the Crimea, while the Greek ones have already embarked on hotels building, according to the press office of the Yalta International Economic Forum.

“We are already presented in many countries of the CIS and would like to establish friendly relations with business partners here, and in the future to build in the Crimea a plant for the production of drilling equipment and a cement plant,”, — the forum’s participant and president of a Turkish company Aydemir Zoral said. He specified that the company's products had already been supplied to the Crimea.

“We do not fear any pressure on the part of Ukraine, it is trade and business, we have a right to work with any business partners. The Russian authorities are doing everything right in the development of the Crimean economy, and the creation of a favorable business climate,” Zoral noted.