US politicians oppose Exxon intention to drill in Russia

US politicians oppose Exxon intention to drill in Russia
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Representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties oppose granting ExxonMobil rights to resume drilling operations on the continental shelf of the Black Sea within the framework of its joint enterprise with Russian Rosneft.

Senators Marco Rubio and John McCain, both Republicans, and Bob Menendez, a Democrat, as well as Congressman Eliot Engel have already publicly spoke against this decision.

As it was reported earlier this week, in 2015, Exxon Mobil addressed the U.S. Treasury Department with a request to remove the restrictions on drilling operations in Russia and then the company renewed its request in March.

The company refer to the fact that under the terms of the agreement, it needs to begin drilling in the area of the Black sea until the end of the year. Without these activities, the joint enterprise will not be able to obtain a license to develop the field.