In Russia, a mortgage of 5% per annum requires only one decision

In Russia, a mortgage of 5% per annum requires only one decision
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Moscow. The public chamber of the Russian Federation. Our correspondent, Alexey Nevsky. Here on April 8th, at the 6th Forum of the Regions of Russia, the discussion, "Construction policy of Russia - 2015 - increasing the volume of built housing and new schemes of interaction with investors" took place.
Interest in the subject was such is that in the performance hall there were no spare places for interested parties to listen in. The tone of the discussion was set by the most recognizable builder in Russia - Efim Basin.

In his speech, he noted that the allocated 20 billion rubles are obviously insufficient to support the mortgage program for the scale of the country today and so this money will run out soon, and therefore the government needs now to develop a program of further support for the solvency of those who want to participate in the mortgage program.
The deputy of the State Duma and first deputy chairman of the Committee on housing policy and housing and communal services, Elena Nikolaeva, informed the audience that the government and deputies have created a joint commission on the development of the solution to the question of restructuring mortgage debts of borrowers to banks, and it will be implemented soon. Also, she highlighted that a flawed stimulation of demand for housing might lead to a rise in the price of housing and that a weighed approach is necessary, without forgetting about the quality of constructed housing.
An absolutely cardinal proposal in support of the building industry was made by the vice-president of "Business Russia", Nikolay Ostarkov. He focused attention on the fact that in Russia, all conditions necessary to have a mortgage under 5% per annum are present and the decision can be made quickly. In the regions, he specified, there is a legislative base for the construction of cheap and high-quality housing, and the decision on this question is all that is necessary, he concluded. However, by whom it should be made, he didn't specify. Concerning a reduction in the cost of energy carriers for the building industry, the representative of the Russian Union of Builders, Sergey Kuchikhin, referred to long-term experience in construction, adding arguments in favor of depreciation of energy components in construction and the need for control over energy monopolies and the creation of comfortable conditions for firms working in the construction sector.
Sergey Ladochkin talked about the conditions for investments in Crimea at the session. Also among the speakers were representatives from MGSU Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Mikhail Kozorez, Valery Kazeykin, the deputy chairman of the advisory council on housing policy and housing and communal services at the State Duma Committee, Svetlana Bachurina, the professor of REA of G. V. Plekhanov and the representatives from Novosibirsk, Rostov–on Don and Voronezh. The President of the Union of Architects of Russia, Andrey Bokov, also took part in the session.
The moderator of session, a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Sultan Hamzayev, in summing up the results of the session asked all of the entrants to send their offers to the Chamber for their generalization and their transfer to the government of Russia.