“Clever School” for Tina Kandelaki

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“Clever School” for Tina Kandelaki
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The well-known TV personality Tina Kandelaki has declared an architectural competition for the construction of the infrastructure for a unique project: the Clever School.As reported in the mass media today, "The Clever School" is to be constructed on the banks of Angara in Irkutsk.

A complex of 37 buildings will incorporate everything necessary for children’s education, from kindergarten to high school. There will be cultural and leisure areas, sports centers, educational workshops, and a campus for orphaned children who will live with adoptive parents and to go to school together with other students. An interesting program of training will be offered to students. Completion of all work on the building site of "The Clever School" is planned for 2018. In financing the construction she plans to involve private investors, many of whom she can count as friends.