Russia will show its hitherto-unseen weaponry

Russia will show its hitherto-unseen weaponry
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At the "Army-2015" forum in June, Russia will present samples of laser weapons, kinetic weapons and other unusual types of weaponry, the chairman of the Military and Scientific Committee of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Stanislav Suvorov, told journalists.

According to him, samples of microwave weapons, laser weapons, kinetic weapons, accelerating (beam) weapons and non-lethal weapons - a total of 50 thematic sections reflecting the structure of the armed forces and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation - will be submitted at the forum.
The exposition will present all types of troops, the central bodies of military management, industry projects, research and production organizations, and the lead educational institutions. In total, on the exhibition platforms at the forum, more than 5 thousand exhibits will be presented. "Army-2015" will take place from June 16th to June 19th in the military/patriotic recreation park "Patriot" in the Moscow region in Kubinka.
Its purpose is the strengthening of business connections with developers of arms, military and special equipment and with different types of troops in the armed forces.