Union of students on the construction of “Vostochny”

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Union of students on the construction of “Vostochny”
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Recently, the grand opening of the All-Russia student construction "Baikonur East-2015" took place, as reported in Construction.ru via the press service of Spetsstroy of the Russian Federation.  At the grand opening, the deputy chief of Dalspetsstroy, Pavel Buyanovsky, gave the bosses of 9 construction crews permission to build. More than 8,000 construction workers are working daily from various departments in Spetsstroy. The number of builders will increase by 1,000 people. Members of the SSO will work on the major objects, in particular in dredging for the laying of 45 km of pipes for the engineering networks of a rocket fuel storage complex. Construction crew members will be engaged in finishing works, the laying of foam-concrete blocks, viscous fittings, installation of timbering, and filling tile joints. The most experienced will be entrusted with the performance of geodetic works.