What is to happen to 500 builders from problem subcontractors

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What is to happen to 500 builders from problem subcontractors
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About 500 employees of the subcontracted organizations working on the construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome, organizations which have had problems with the law, will be employed by the Federal Agency for Special Construction.As Construction.ru reported today via the press service of the department, 100 employees from the "Pacific Bridge Construction Company" will also be employed. They have been entrusted to form a division of former employees of Pipe Metallurgic Company, 10 ITR Spetsstroy. As part of the division of the Federal Agency for Special Construction, they will have to finish the works assigned to this organization. About 200 people are already employed.The number of subcontracted organizations on the site of the cosmodrome has been considerably reduced. Multistage cooperation, which reached the fifth and sixth levels, has stopped. There is only a cooperative of subcontract organizations of the first and second levels left. In total, at the cosmodrome there now remain about 145 working organizations, down from the previous high of 500. The decision has been taken to register them in the territory of the Amur region. It allows for better control of financial streams. All payments are now to be transferred to the treasury for execution. Problems with nonpayment of salaries for builders involved in the cosmodrome are now almost solved, except for those on inter-rotational rest.  We will remind you that the builders, earlier driven to despair, asked the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, for help directly from the building site via a video hotline.