And the bridge should be…

And the bridge should be…
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As specified to by the press service of the Committee today, external networks, engineering systems, designs, rooms and sub-bridge spaces of the Bolshoy Ustyinsky Bridge over the Moscow River, located in the central administrative district, are in need of serious updating. The sub-bridge space is a 2-level built-in construction over the right-bank platform of the bridge built in 1936-1938 by the engineer V. M. Vakhurkin and the architect G. P. Golts.
The project provides also for the repair of external protections and the construction of new openings for the gates, doors and windows. The finishing of the facades is similar to the existing facades - the improved cement plaster from a rustic surface on rectangles, with the preservation of color schemes. The area of building is 2,664.5 sq.m, the total structural volume 12,656 CBM, and the construction duration 9.5 months.
Following the results of the state examination, the general decrease in estimated cost was 1.52 million rubles, ie 0.8%.