Simplified admission to Russia for foreign constructors

Simplified admission to Russia for foreign constructors
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The RF Government has simplified admission into the country for foreign builders going to work at the construction grounds of World Cup 2018 projects.

The Resolution signed by Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev is published on the Cabinet of Ministers’ web-site. It will be much easier to get a temporary residence permit, permission to hire and use foreign workers, an invitation to enter Russia, a labor permit for foreign builders and persons without citizenship, who will work at the construction sites for Football World Championship.
The employer hiring foreign workers must have a contract on the construction of such objects. If they do, an invitation for entry or a permit to hire foreign workers may be received in 15 days, a labor permit or temporary residence permit – in 50 days. The authorities think it will ensure the completion of all sports projects for the World Cup 2018 on time.