Powerful agro-industrial complexes in Yakutiya

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Powerful agro-industrial complexes in Yakutiya
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Two powerful agro-industrial plants costing 3.2 billion rubles will be built in Yakutiya by 2017 to fully supply the region with pork and vegetables.

As the regional press office told Construction.ru, two ambitious investment projects in agriculture will be presented in September at the Eastern Economic Forum. Now Yakutiya brings 40% of its products from other regions or countries. A pig-breeding farm with the capacity of more than 400 tons a month is planned to be erected with the participation of the company “Mig” dealing with the construction of livestock breeding complexes.
The cost of the project is 2 billion rubles, and the investor pays half the sum. A hot-house complex with the capacity of 3,500 tons of vegetables a year will cost 1.2 bln rubles. “Eurotehgroup” is the investor of the project.