When will an “architectural vertical” appear in Russia?

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When will an “architectural vertical” appear in Russia?
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The opportunity for the creation of the RF Chief Architect’s position is being actively considered.

The RF Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Mikhail Menn, told journalists about this in Moscow. According to him, this proposal is also being heard in the professional community. Now the Ministry is preparing a package of proposals for the government for the enhancement of the role of chief architect for the regions and cities. Such a vertical is thought suitable for implementation all over the country.
People do not only need “square meters”, they need a comfortable urban environment. The creation of a vertical in the sphere of utilities and the introduction of the position of the RF chief housing inspector resulted in better control in this sphere. The concept of state housing inspections will be presented in September by the Ministry.
Proposals to the government on forming a similar vertical in architecture will be formulated by the end of the year, Mikhail Menn said.