Builders proceed to new stage of Kerch Bridge construction

Builders proceed to new stage of Kerch Bridge construction
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Builders have proceeded to mounting of navigable spans at the Kerch Bridge construction site. Arch spans of a highway and a railway sections of the passage are being assembled at an open process pad located on the Kerch shore, the “Krymski Most” press center told Construction.RU on Wednesday.

Such a lengthy arch span above the offshore zone is created for the first time in the history of Russian bridge construction.

A total weight of arch span structures of the Kerch Bridge amounts to approximately 10,000 tons. The length of each arch span equals to two football fields, 227 meters. Enlargement of the structures is being implemented at special stands with load-lifting, as well as construction and mounting equipment.

At present, the lower part of each arch span is being mounted, where the traffic will go. The blocks are hitched up with huge bolts and welding, in particular, the railway section requires over 1m bolts and screw-nuts.

24-hour quality control starts from the checking of geometric parameters of the components. After that, welding joints and anti-corrosive coating are checked.

The highway arch span will have a weight of 4,500 tons, the railway one – 5,500 tons. It will take 12 months to mount arch spans.

Prefabricated components will be transported to a fairway of the Kerch-Yenikal Canal, where they will be mounted upon the permanent piers at the height of 35m.

This height will ensure unimpeded transit beneath the Kerch Bridge of ships coming from the Black Sea to the Azov Sea and return.

Now, about 3,000 builders are working at the construction site of the Kerch Bridge. The workers have driven over 2000 piers of different types and cast about 100 poles.