Vladimir Putin calls on regions to develop hotel business

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Vladimir Putin calls on regions to develop hotel business
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Regional authorities should encourage the business entities to build inexpensive hotels and to interact with the Culture Ministry of Russia in order to attract tourists, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the representatives of the Tula region, which he visited on Thursday.

“It is necessary to build small, inexpensive hotels, but of good quality. Three-star hotels. What is needed is to timely allot good sites for these facilities, to create conditions for their effective operation,” said Russian President.

“It is necessary to reach agreements with the Culture Ministry of Russia, as well as with other our governmental bodies, in order to make these hotels fully occupied and to direct here flows of tourists. This can be done, no doubt. People will come here for Yasnaya Polyana (an estate museum), for one,” noted Vladimir Putin.  

The President stressed that it should be regional authorities, who had to encourage the business to build inexpensive hotels for tourists and to negotiate with the federal institutions.