Russia’s idea of creating improvement practices global library supported

Russia’s idea of creating improvement practices global library supported
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Head of the Russian delegation at the HABITAT III UN conference, Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Andrei Chibis put forward an initiative to create the open and constantly updated international catalogue of the best world practices in the sphere of urban development and improvement.

According to Andrei Chibis, the problems of urban development are very much alike in different countries. “Each country has its own experience of implemented practices, and it may be useful for the global community. The integrated library of the global experience will become a serious support for municipal authorities and governments all over the world”, - he remarked.

Participants of the plenary discussion, including representatives of Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Turkey, as well as the Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, Dr Joan Clos, supported the idea.

The Russian experience may serve as the basis of the pilot project of the reference book, including improvement concepts of Moscow, Kazan and Yakutsk. The latter’s experience was presented at HABITAT III as a mount to demonstrate the development technologies of the city located in the permafrost zone.

Desides, in the course of negotiations between Andrei Chibis and Joan Clos the agreement on cooperation between the RF Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities and the HABITAT UN Program on populated localities has been achieved. The UN-HABITAT expertise will be used for the implementation of the Russian cities’ development programs.

«We started to prepare modern standards of improvement according to which each Russian city is to have its own design-code allowing to preserve its historical and cultural identity, and also to guarantee every citizen the comfort standard.

The opportunity to resort to the best world practices and international experience of forming the comfortable urban environment is priceless for us. We gratefully accepted the proposal of Dr Clos on forming close cooperation with UN HABITAT in the development of these documents », Andrei Chibis commented on the occasion.

To remind you, the Conference is taking place in Kito, Equador, October 17 – 21.