Kerch bridge builders to construct spans on offshore piers

Kerch bridge builders to construct spans on offshore piers
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The assembly of spans between the offshore piers has been started on the section between the island of Tusla and the Kerch-Enikalsky Channel in the Kerch Strait.

As the “Krymsky Most” (Crimean Bridge) press-centre has told Construction.RU today, the length of the offshore spans totals more than 6 km. The construction of the offshore spans is being fulfilled by incremental launching.

More than 2 km long metal structures weighing more than 18,000tons are moved from the island to the channel. The structures are assembled on a special surface stalls.

Then powerful jacks move them carefully towards the water area along the rails, then the next structure is prepared on the workbench.

According to Vladislav Safin, deputy head of the “Taman” Road Management Department, the procedure is fulfilled with the help of weight-lifting, hydraulic and welding equipment. The assembled spans move towards the water with the speed of 15-25 cm a minute.   In the process of movement it is supported with auxiliary structures.


At the same time constructors go on erecting new offshore piers. There are 4 offshore sections with the total length of more than 6 km. 50,000 tons of metal structures will be installed there.


About 4,000 people work at the construction site of the Kerch Bridge.