Kiriyenko hands over his Rosatom’s Golden Parachute to Anticancer Fund

Kiriyenko hands over his Rosatom’s Golden Parachute to Anticancer Fund
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On Wednesday, it became known that First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of Russia, Sergey Kiriyenko, has handed over the whole amount of his Golden Parachute, received after leaving Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation, to the Anticancer Fund, Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reports.

Sergey Kiriyenko transferred the money to an account opened for the purpose of the Fund’s specific capital formation and the development in the field of pediatric hematology, oncology and immunology. The Fund was named “Doctors, innovation, science for children” (VIND).

At the same time, Kiriyenko expressed confidence that over the course of between five to seven years, the Fund would be able to collect the target capital in amount of four billion rubles.

“From the perspective of all the negotiations that we have held, some 400-450 million we will collect as early as this year”, the politician said, noting that every fifth diseased child dies from cancer.

“Childhood cancer control is a serious problem for the whole world,” he stressed.

The same day, Sergey Kiriyenko was elected Chairman of VIND’s Supervisory Board.

We should remind you that in October last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Sergey Kiriyenko as First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Administration in charge of domestic politics, and simultaneously released him from the position of director general of Rosatom that Kiriyenko had occupied for over 10 years. Under Kiriyenko’s leadership Rosatom has become perfectly managed and highly profitable corporation.