Where else, apart from Russia, BIM not enshrined in law

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Where else, apart from Russia, BIM not enshrined in law
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Today, SOFiSTiK international conference entitled “Experience in design of structures and geotechnical studies in the BIM technology” opened in Holiday Inn hotel in Moscow.

As our special correspondent Elena Matseyko reports from the ground, the event is dedicated to practical experience in design of structures with the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Chief editor of Construction.RU project, Alexander Gusev, was a moderator at the forum.

The heads of design and research organizations and universities, chief structural engineers of design departments, chief engineers of projects, experts in design of building structures, as well as others take part in the conference.

Also, guests from Germany have arrived in Moscow to attend the event. Among them, there are developers from SOFiSTiK AG and representatives of the Bureau of ARUP (Germany-Russia). One of them, Carsten Hein, said that in Germany, as well as in Russia, building information modeling is not yet enshrined in law.

The event was organized by Russian engineering and consulting company PSS and SOFiSTiK AG, a leading European supplier of software for finite element structural analysis and BIM. General partner of the project is APEX project bureau.