International Smart Energy Summit launched in Moscow

International Smart Energy Summit launched in Moscow
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An international forum, Smart Energy Summit, opened today at Crowne Plaza at Krasnopresnenskaya embankment in Moscow.

As our special correspondent, Olga Evoyan, reports from the ground, representatives from government authorities, energy companies and equipment manufacturers take part in the event.

In particular, the forum is attended by a vice president of “The Center of Northwest Strategic Researches” Foundation Vladimir Knyaginin, advisor of the Moscow regional government’s minister for strategic projects and innovations, Andrei Belozyorov, deputy chairman of the Board of Directors of the Market Council, Vladimir Shkatov, director for innovations at Enel Russia, Emanuele Volpe.

The main topics of the forum include industrial energy, energy efficiency metropolis, smart energy of building, problems of the energy industry and ways to overcome them.

Speaking at a plenary session, Vladimir Knyaginin dwelled on the aspects of attractiveness of Russian economy for investors and on the ways for attracting them. Appearance of Andrei Belozyorov was devoted to solving complex tasks of smart energy, as well as smart housing and utilities.

“Moscow invests heavily in smart solutions and in global rating it trails only such large metropolises as New York. The city’s housing and utility sector includes a system, which manages 22,000 items of communal machinery,” he said.

After the plenary session, Andrei Belozyorov, Emanuele Volpe and Vladimir Shkatov answered the questions of reporters.

In particular, Construction.RU correspondent asked about the ways to convince an investor and the authorities in the necessity to invest funds in smart technologies at construction of residential and industrial facilities, if the reward accounts for just 10-15% in several years.

Andrei Belozyorov answered that there were capacities and funds for application of smart technologies, as well as there were a lot of those willing to engage. Even large banks establish subsidiaries to finance activities in the field of smart solutions.

Vladimir Shkatov reasserted his case, but pointed out that, nevertheless, builders had almost got down to bedrock in the creation of innovative energy efficient materials with smart solutions.