Ski trail complex needs to be erected in Krasnoyarsk

Ski trail complex needs to be erected in Krasnoyarsk
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The Krasnoyarsk authorities announced a tender for construction of freestyle’s and halfpipe’s trails for Universiade competitions.

According to the tender documentations, published on Monday on a website of public purchases, trails for freestyle and halfpipe complex will be built on Nikolayevskaya bald peak. The facilities will form a part of a sports and training complex “Academy of Winter Sports”.

So, the freestyle facility will include mogul and aerial skiing trails, a trail for snowboard cross, as well as a ski trail with a snow ski-jump ramp.

A plot of land with an area of 16,74 hectares has been allotted for the freestyle trail construction. Initial price of the contract is 782 million roubles. Also, two halfpipes are planned to be built for snowboard competitions. The initial prices of the contract is 286 million roubles.

All facilities must be completed by the 1st of July 2018. The tenders are scheduled for the 24th of October.