Reconstruction of the Gorky film studio

Reconstruction of the Gorky film studio
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 Within a three-stage reorganization project, a building from the glory days of the film studio of M. Gorky in Moscow is being reconstructed.In 3-4 years, on the studio’s land a multipurpose studio complex and production centers for childrens’ films, family films, documentary films and animation will be constructed. The studio area is 32 thousand sq.m. with 5 film-making pavilions. After their reconstruction there will be 10 pavilions and a Museum of Cinema. The financing of the site works is planned to be carried out without state investments, but from sale at open auction of the land and buildings which aren't involved in movie production. These are estimated so far at 2.7 billion rubles, from which 2.5 billion rubles are to be spent on reconstruction.