Experience in building structures calculation and geotechnical substantiation in BIM-technology

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Engineering and consulting company PSS, the exclusive distributor of SOFiSTiK AG in Russia and the CIS countries, invites you to take part in the third international industrial SOFiSTiK conference «Experience in building structures calculation and geotechnical substantiation in BIM-technology».


The event will be held on March 2, 2017 in Moscow at the Holiday Inn Sokolniki, Sokolniki Hall, 2nd floor

(Rusakovskaya str., 24, "Sokolniki" metro station).


Conference Focus:

Conference devoted to the practical experience of the building design calculation and geotechnical problem solution using structural analysis packages of SOFiSTiK FEM (www.sofistik.ru) in buildings and structures information modeling.

Conference Speakers:

software developer company - SOFiSTiK AG (Germany), BiMOTiON (Germany), ARUP (Germany-Russia), CALTER Ingenieria (Spain), Inforsproekt (Russia), Stalproekt (Russia), general partner - APEX Project Office (Russia), SPbSPU.


Target Audience:

Heads of design and research organizations and universities, heads and main constructors of design departments, chief project engineers, specialists in buildings and structures calculation, geotechnical problem solution.


Conference Themes:

  • Future of BIM: Building design and verification of conformity to standards

  • Key problems of structural analysis software application in BIM-technology

  • Revit and SOFiSTiK: design technology from concept to the reinforcement

  • Overview of the realized buildings’ projects created with SOFiSTiK FEA

  • Special look at the BIM-process in the subway station projects in Doha (Qatar) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

  • Calculation of prestressed structures of civil buildings with Revit-SOFiSTiK

  • Advanced analysis of wind effects

  • Engineering art with Rhino, Revit and SOFiSTIK tools (hands-on training)

  • Calculation of reinforced concrete structures of the FIFA World Cup 2018 stadiums «Samara Arena» and «Ekaterinburg Arena» in SOFiSTiK FEA

  • Design of metal constructions of large-span structures with SOFiSTiK FEA

(includes examples of the projects: Simferopol airport, "Ekaterinburg Arena" stadium)

  • Example of the geotechnical analysis with SOFiSTiK FEA+ WinTUBE

  • Seismic analysis in accordance with the Russian Federation standards


Conference program, information about participating companies and speakers you can find at the conference website http://www.pss.spb.ru/sofistik2017


Registration of the participants will be open until February 24, 2017.


Additional information about conference:

Natalya Markina, tel.: +7 (812) 622-10-14, e-mail: markina@pss.spb.ru