Constructors’ ratings: German Yelianiushkin is one of the leaders

Constructors’ ratings: German Yelianiushkin is one of the leaders
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Which constructor was mentioned most often in October?

Since the beginning of autumn we have been publishing ratings of the people and companies in the construction industry who are most often mentioned in electronic media.  Today we let you know which constructor was the most popular in October.  


As compared with September, the number of constructors who got into the rating decreased a little — only 15 people were mentioned in electronic media. Nickolai Koshman, President of the RF Constructors’ Association, got the least number of “votes” — 5 media hits.

The last of the top 10 is President of NOPRIZ, Mikhail Posokhin. He follows Andrei Beliuchenko, Director of the RF Ministry’s department for urban planning and architecture, Leonid Stavitsky, the first Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Oleg Betin, another Deputy Minister, Sergei Kelbakh, Chair of the Board of the “Autodor” GC, the ex-president (now honorary president) of the Russian Architects’ Union, Andrei Bokov, and the Head of Moscow Urban Development Policy Department, Sergei Liovkin.

As far as the leaders of the ratings are concerned, slight changes have occurred. The third place has been taken by the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow region’s government on urban development policy and the construction complex, German Yelianiushkin. Russian online media mentioned him 1,120 times in October. The greatest attention was attracted by his speech at the X Forum of realty market leaders, MREF-2016, on October 26th, and by his announcement that the Moscow regional authorities will expand the program of resettlement from dilapidated and substandard housing, in the middle of the month.

The second place in the ratings went again to Andrei Chibis, Chief Housing Inspector of Russia. He was mentioned 1382 times. The majority of hits come from his speech at the All-Russia teleconference and his interview with the “Izvestia” newspaper, in which he said that the Ministry (of Construction, Housing and Utilities) suggests changing the mechanism of rates collection with the exclusion of management companies from the financial flows.  

Mikhail Menn, Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the RF, has retained the first place for three months. He was cited 2,530 times in the media.  The largest number comes from his interview with Interfax and his commentaries on the government’s adoption of the “Mortgage loan and rental housing” priority project, on October 19th, and his speech in the course of the “Hour with the minister” online conference at the RF Public Chamber on October 11th.

The ratings for construction companies has also changed a bit. 11 companies were mentioned only once. The top 10 starts with 481 hits for the MR Group investment and development company, including also the “Greenflight” construction company from Chelyabinsk, and such well-known developers as the “Etalon” GC, Gals-Development, “Leader”  Finance and Construction Corporation, as well as  Urban Group, and “PIK” GC.

Actually, only the three leaders changed: the “Gosstroy” company, mentioned 788 times, has stayed at third place. “Sibur Holding” and LSR Group changed places with each other. “Sibur” “earned” 1,143 hits, the majority of which belong to Vladimir Putin in his interview with “RIA Novosti” and the IANS informational agency in India, where he mentions the holding as one of the companies successfully working on the Indian market. Also, “Sibur” was mentined many times after the “Kommersant”’s publication of the Top 1,000 leaders of Russian companies, as some top managers of the holding made it on the list.

As far as LSR Group is concerned, it was mentioned 1,385 times in the media, the majority of hits having occurred on October 13th when the enterprise’s production results over the 3d quarter of 2016 were published. The Director General of the company, Andrei Molchanov, also got into “Kommersant”’s rating of the construction industry and made 4th place.

We shall follow the development of the situation next month.