“VOLMA” expands to the South of Russia

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“VOLMA” expands to the South of Russia
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The Director of Sales and Operational Marketing, Yaroslav Shestimirov, told our magazine about the southward expansion of one of the leaders of the Russian construction materials market.

— Mr. Shestimirov, could you tell us about your company’s plans for the southward development, and about the measures taken to implement the plans?
The territory of the South of Russia is a strategically important area for our company. “VOLMA” ‘comes from’ Volgograd - our main office and two plants are there. That’s why we have always considered the Southern Federal District our home territory.
Now Crimea has been added to the southern territory, and this is also strategically important for us. We’ve got two partners in Crimea – the Simferopol-based companies “Hermes” and “Stroybasa - Crimea”. With their help we’ve been selling our products there for about a year. There is a kind of symbolic meaning here - we started working in Crimea on the 9th of May 2014. We are happy about such a coincidence. So we are actively expanding our activity on the territory of two new RF regions – the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. We recently took part in the 2nd investment-construction forum of the Crimea Federal District that took place in Sevastopol on 20th – 21st of April.

How deep can “VOLMA” penetrate the Crimean construction materials market?
We have ample opportunity to do just that: investment, production and technologies. Our capacity currently provides for the production of 65 mln m2 of plasterboard, 6.5 mln m2 of gypsum partition blocks, and 1.5 mln tons of dry mortars. And this is without taking into account our new production in Orenburg and Maikop (in the Republic of Adygeya).
Maikop production is very important for our development in the southern market as its capacity will add 540 thousand m2 of gypsum partition blocks and 240 thousand tons of dry mortar. The production will start in June. We have invested 1.5 bln rubles in this production.
— What is the Maikop plant equipped with?
The most advanced equipment from the leading world producers has been mounted there. The production is environmentally friendly: ecology is a priority for our company. The plant is located at a ballast pit in the Maikop district, and the raw material for construction materials production is plaster stone of the highest quality. So the production plant is a new pivot point for the company – super-technological and environmentally friendly. I don’t think there are many plants on such a level in Russia today.

— If customers from the southern regions of Russia get a high quality product at a lower price, who will your company drive out of the market?
We do not aim to drive anybody out of the market or to struggle against some company. It is a natural process, I think. We’ll replace Turkish producers of plaster. They are now overpriced, and when our plant starts they will have some difficulties. “VOLMA” is a well-known company, and a customer will choose quality at a sensible price. So our share in the market will grow steadily.
Of course, we’ll do our best to ensure this. We plan to work directly with builders and are ready to send our specialists to demonstrate the product, to conduct master-classes and to explain the advantages of the complex production of the brand. We’ll show how much our products are systematic in construction and decoration. Besides, we are going to enhance marketing activity, aimed at our final customers and partners.
— Can we say that with the start of the Maikop plant, the problem of a lack of quality construction materials in the South of Russia and Crimea will be solved?
Of course. When the Maikop plant starts the capacities at Volgograd plant will rise, and we’ll be able to make products that have been in short supply. We are working mostly on plasters (coatings). Customers are looking forward to getting “VOLMA” trademark products.

— To deliver products from the Caucasus to Crimea is not a long journey from a logistical point of view. Is there any difficulty with the ferry line?
Well, it’s really not far away, but still there are difficulties. We’ll work at tariffs, and besides, we are looking for ways to deliver pilot lots to Crimea by sea. By the way, your magazine is the first mass media organization to learn of this. But let’s wait for the results. Anyway, we’ll find a solution.
— It’s great that one of the large-scale objects where your company has delivered water-resistant plasterboard is the legendary international children’s center “Artek”: again, Russian…
Yes, we’ve made the first deliveries: 2500 m2. But this is only the first step. We have strong partners, during March and April we sold all the vestiges, and now we are to enhance our deliveries. Thus, our products can be seen in other significant objects in Crimea.

Andrei Chernakov