Bobcat plans to acquire half of the mini excavators’ market in the Republic of Belarus

Bobcat plans to acquire half of the mini excavators’ market in the Republic of Belarus
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Bobcat and CJSC Glavniy Element, the official dealer of the compact equipment manufacturer in Belarus, have announced the results of their activity in the market of mini excavators. According to the company’s data, the market share of Bobcat mini excavators in Belarus has increased by 17% over the last 4 years, and in 2021 it is predicted to reach a record point of 50% of total sales.

"The sales of mini-excavators by all companies in the Republic of Belarus are about 50 units per year. Every year we increase our presence by supplying 15-30 Bobcat machines to our customers. Thus, we strive to steadily occupy up to half of the market. At the moment we have already sold 17 machines in 2021, including several contracts of up to 5 units. Our plan for the end of the year is to bring the number of sold compact excavators at least to 25. We hope that Bobcat’s equipment will become a reliable and faithful assistant for all our customers," says Philip Kuznetsov, Deputy Marketing Director of Glavniy Element.


The most popular models in Belarus are mini excavators weighing up to 2 tons – Bobcat E17, E19 and E20z. These mini-excavators are equipped with three-cylinder engines and a powerful hydraulic system that allows to switch between operating modes and find the best options for specific tasks. The interest for the attachments on Belarussian market is also growing. The most popular models are buckets of various types – for digging, for clay, frame buckets for channel cleaning, leveling buckets, as well as breakers, drills, grabs and rammers.


"We are very pleased with the success we have achieved in the compact excavators’ market of the Republic of Belarus together with CJSC Glavniy Element. We hope to be able to further expand our presence in this and other segments. Our main goal is to be a reliable partner in any industry – construction, utilities, agriculture, etc. We never rest on our laurels and will strive to please our customers with new developments both within special equipment and attachments," noted Pavel Konkov, District Sales Manager, Bobcat CIS