An aerial railway for half a billion in Sevastopol

An aerial railway for half a billion in Sevastopol
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The Sevastopol authorities are going to connect the main part and the northern part of the city with a bridge and a modern aerial railway across the bay.

The director of urban development for the city government, Alexei Brusentsov, spoke about this at a meeting with Moscow architects. As naval ships are based in the bay of Sevastopol, all projects are to be in accordance with the Black Sea Navy. The pillars of the aerial railway must be 150 m above sea level.
The construction of the aerial railway is included in the Sevastopol program of transportation development. The project is assessed at 500m rubles. Of course, the authorities want to carry it out with the help of investors. Since the time of Sevastopol’s founding, the bay’s sides have been connected with the use of vessels and ferries. The construction of the bridge across the Sevastopol bay was first considered in Soviet times, but Ukranian authorities thought the idea infeasible.