KNAUF presents electronic textbook for young specialists

KNAUF presents electronic textbook for young specialists
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On Wednesday, the “Young Professionals – 2016” national championship of construction competence competition started.

At the “Dry Construction and Plastering” stand, 12 representatives from different Russian regions participated in the competition, our special correspondent, Elena Matseiko, reported from the ground.

They showed their skills in erecting and plastering a gypsum wallboard structure. In the creative part of the contest, the participants had to show their imagination and create a sort of art-object with the use of the materials at hand.

Expendable materials were provided by the KNAUF company, which is the official supplier of the “Dry Construction and Plastering” competition this year. Besides this, KNAUF is supporting the “Painting Work” competence.

This year, within the framework of the business program, KNAUF has presented an electronic textbook entitled, “Mounting technology of wood-framed and sewn-around structures with KNAUF materials and technologies”.

Thus, being a socially responsible company, KNAUF cooperates with institutions of professional education.