The new head of capital construction in Saratov

The new head of capital construction in Saratov
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Saratov. Our special correspondent in the Volga federal district, Nikolay Astrakhantsev, reports. The new Head of the Capital Construction Committee of the Saratov Region has been appointed – he is the former head of the district administration of the Atkarsk region, Alexei Reshetnikov, as was told by the regional press service today. All necessary documentation on the appointment has already been processed. Victor Elin became the new head of administration of the Atkarsky area. Previously, he was the first deputy for the economy and questions of property and land relations. We will remind you that Alexey Surkov was the previous chairman of the Committee for Capital Construction. After his arrest, Nikolay Yakubovich was appointed. He claims that Reshetnikov is a respectable person.