The Skytrain In Lipetsk

The Skytrain In Lipetsk
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In Lipetsk, a meeting between the head of the Lipetsk region, Oleg Korolev, the head of Lipetsk, Mikhail Gulevsky, and representatives of the “Morton” construction company took place. As ? reported via the regional press service, they discussed the question of the construction of the Skytrain in the regional center, and also the realization of the project of the ‘Rolling Stones’ multipurpose sports complex. A representative from "Morton", Mikhail Bekovitsky, submitted a concept for the Lipetsk metro, the engineering stages and the amount of financing.Construction of three parts of the project, taking into account the general plan of the regional center, is being planned to finish in 2035. The first stage will go from Minskaya Street to Novolipetsk, the second to the settlement of Romanovo, and the third to the special economic zone "Lipetsk". In total it will be 35 km long. The site work will cost 30 billion rubles in total. As a result, the beginning of the realization of the construction project for the Skytrain in Lipetsk is planned for autumn of this year.