Turkish investors construct in the center of Moscow

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Turkish investors construct in the center of Moscow
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Moscow authorities are likely to allow Turkish company Odak to carry out the reconstruction and construction of buildings in the center of Moscow.

As Konstantin Timofeev, Chairman of Moscomstroyinvest, explained in his interview to the City News Agency “Moscow,” the Odak company was offered all transfer hubs under JSC “Mosinzhproect”.
Additionally, the investor may deal with the objects connected where SUE (state unitary enterprise) “housing, engineering systems and communications management center” work.
According to the decision of the HQ for city objects engagement into economic turnover, a number of buildings in the center of the city, mainly run-down or hazardous, were assigned to SUE. They will make a project for reconstruction or, if the building is not a historic monument, for demolition and construction of a new one. At this stage foreign investors will be attracted, Odak included.
The project's implementation may start in 2015. Besides, Timofeev said, that Odak company is considering the possibility of taking part in transfer hubs construction projects.