Waste utilization in Udmurtiya on a large scale

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Waste utilization in Udmurtiya on a large scale
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Before 2020 two waste sorting stations and three new solid municipal waste (SMW) landfills will be built in Udmurtiya.

As Construction.ru was told by the regional Ministry of Natural Resources’ press office, local ecologists are considering the issue of constructing a waste processing plant near Izhevsk as well.
Annually about 1 million tons of waste are created in the republic, while only 5% of waste is processed. To solve the problem, cluster waste landfills were put into operation – one constructed by a private investor and the other at the expense of regional budget. They are used for ground disposal of SMW from several districts of the republic. Now the specialists have prepared design documentation for the construction of waste sorting stations in ten more districts. The objects’ implementation will allow them to increase the quantity of waste neutralization.