A wonderful sport and fitness complex in Petrozavodsk

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A wonderful sport and fitness complex in Petrozavodsk
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The construction of a modern sport and fitness complex at the expense of an investor is being completed

As the regional press office told Construction.ru, the project is implemented within the program “Gazprom – to children.” The first visitors will be received in the complex before the end of the year.
The sport and fitness complex includes a swimming pool, training and sports gyms, cardiotraining hall, wrestling and fitness gyms. Construction work are being fulfilled full-scale; right now the interior furnishing is being carried out.
Similar sport and fitness centers will open in Sortavala and Pitkiaranta before the end of December as Karelia takes part in the program of gasification by “Gazprom.” The cost of the three objects totals 1.5 bln rubles.