“RZhD” is looking forward to Chinese money for the “Moscow - Beijing” HSR project. Will they see it?

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“RZhD” is looking forward to Chinese money for the “Moscow - Beijing” HSR project. Will they see it?
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In 2015, Russia adopted the program of high-speed railway (HSR) development. What does it include?

According to the RF Transport Strategy for the period until 2030, the General Plan for Russian railway development has been adopted. It includes the implementation of new large-scale projects. Alexander MISHARIN, First Vice-President of the “RZhD” JSC, and Director General of the “Speed Highways” JSC, spoke about it at the First Russian-Chinese construction forum.  


Alexander Misharin designated the purposes of the RF Transport Strategy and spoke about the principal projects of the Russian railway development, including the development of:

  • the Vostochny test range railway infrastructure (BAM and Transsib);
  • the Azov and Black Sea regional railway infrastructure;
  • railway infrastructure to the ports of the North-West of Russia;
  • the Northern Latitudinal Railway, connected with the possible reclamation of the Arctic.

          Mr. Misharin paid special attention to the prospects of the complex development of the Murmansk transportation hub, being implemented by RZhD in conjunction with the RF Ministry of Transportation.  

According to the First Vice-President, by 2030 5,000 km of railway will have been constructed to increase cargo carriage and passenger volume, as well as about 7,000 km of speed lines and 4,000 km high-speed lines.

According to the Government resolution, all these projects are being implemented on the principles of corporate management.  

— Of course, such projects are of a long-term character, Misharin stressed.

Last year, the program for high-speed railway development was adopted. The implementation of 20 HSR development projects within the program will allow for the organization of more than 50 high-speed routes totaling 7,000 km.  

Alexander Misharin put special stress on the prospects of Russian – Chinese cooperation in the field of high speed railway transportation.

One of the important projects is the construction of the “Moscow - Beijing” HSR. It is about 8,000 km long and will reduce travel time more than 4-fold – to 32 hours. 

The project is being implemented under the memorandum between the PRC National Committee on development and reformation, the RF Ministry of Transportation, “Chinese railways” and “Russian railways” (RZhD) on the forms of cooperation, financing and investment models for the “Moscow - Kazan” HSR, the priority project of the “Moscow - Beijing” Eurasian transportation corridor.   The memorandum was signed on the 8th of May, 2015 in the presence of President Vladimir Putin and the President of the PRC, Xi Jinping, Misharin reminded us.  

According to him, the Russian/Chinese work group was created for cooperation in the field of HSR for the implementation of the project. On the part of the Chinese party, the State Committee of the PRC on development and reformation has been assigned as a coordinator, and “Chinese railways” will be responsible for enterprise coordination; on the Russian part, coordination will be carried out correspondingly by the RF Ministry of Transportation and the “RZhD” JSC. Five meetings of the joint work group have already taken place.  

As Misharin reported, last year a tender on the road design was held, and for the first time the Russian-Chinese consortium, including leading design institutes from both countries, won.

— In the co-engineering, we’ll get the technologies absolutely clear for both Russian and Chinese construction companies, Misharin stressed. — The quality of engineering is sure to be high.

At present, the solutions for the main structures of the subgrade formation, roadway, superstructure, overhead system, automation systems, etc. have been developed.  According to the schedule, the design work is to be complete by the end of 2016.

An important stage, as Misharin puts it, is the industrial production preparation for the construction of the HSR, both domestic and foreign.

— The resource plan has been prepared within which principal technologies of the HSR construction are being formed, and now joint ventures are being organized, Misharin remarked. As he said, Russian and Chinese machine builders will produce the rolling stock for the HSR.

— The transportation infrastructure is to become the driver of social-economic development, like in China, Japan, Germany and other countries, so we must have long-term objectives, prepare transportation infrastructure for their implementation and provide for its development at the parameters determined by the Transportation Strategy, Alexander Misharin resumed.



Photo by Sofia ORLOVA