Gazprom reaches agreement with private Turkish companies

Gazprom reaches agreement with private Turkish companies
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The Russian “Gazprom” company has completely settled the controversies with private gas companies from Turkey. Following the negotiations, its Turkish counterparts have withdrawn their lawsuits from court.

This statement was made by the director general of “Gazprom Export”, Elena Burmistrova, at a conference in Berlin, RIA Novosti reported.

It should be remembered that last year, “Gazprom” signed an agreement with these companies on a gas discount of 10.25% as of the 1st of January 2015.

However, in early March 2016, “Gazprom Export” demanded that the private Turkish importers raise the price, and as of the end of February limited gas supplies for them.

In Turkey, “Gazprom” cooperates not just with the state-owned Botas Corporation, but also with a number of private companies, such as Enerco Enerji, Avrasya Gaz, Akfel Gas, Bosphorus Gas, Shell Turkey, Bati Hatti and Kibar Enerji.

All of them receive Russian gas via the Trans-Balkan pipeline, whereas the state-owned Botas gets it through the “Blue Stream” pipeline, built under the Black Sea.