Modern ice stadium to be erected in Moscow region

Modern ice stadium to be erected in Moscow region
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An ice stadium with two arenas is planned to be built in the Istrinsky district of the Moscow region, on the basis of “Luzhky.Club” recreation center, the press office of a Deputy Head of the Moscow regional government, Herman Yelyanyushkin, told Construction.RU today.

Most part of “Luzhky.Club” recreation center was built as far back as 1970s. At present, demolition of obsolescent buildings, reconstruction and building of new residential and sports facilities, including an ice stadium, is envisaged within the framework of the project.

Reconstruction of the recreation center is scheduled to be completed at the beginning of 2018. Modern hotels and a multi-purpose center will be constructed on the place of the demolished buildings.

The ice stadium with a total area of over 8,000 square meters will have two arenas. The big one will be capable to accept up to 200 visitors per day. The smaller one is expected to house 160 people.