Siemens launches supplies of gas-driven turbines to Crimea

Siemens launches supplies of gas-driven turbines to Crimea
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Siemens has supplied gas-driven turbines to the Republic of Crimea, Reuters reports on Wednesday with a reference three sources familiar with the project.

According to the news agency, this has occurred despite the EU sanctions prohibiting European companies to supply energy technologies to the Crimea.

A representative of Siemens in Munich, Wolfram Trost, said in the conversation with agency that the company was not supplying any turbines to the Peninsula, and stressed that Siemens complied with all restrictions of export control. Citing confidentiality, he did not answer a question of whether the company was aware about gas turbines being delivered to the Crimea.

A Russia’s branch of Siemens declined to comment on this information, nor did the Energy Ministry of Russia provide any comments, redirecting questions to the project contractor Technopromexport.