Finland approves Nord Stream 2 project

Finland approves Nord Stream 2 project
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The government of Finland has no objection to the construction of a gas pipeline upon Nord Stream 2 project.


This is what the director of the Energy Department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, Liisa Heikinheimo, announced, Izvestia newspaper reports on July 13.

According to the Ministry’s assessment, the implementation of Nord Stream 2 project will not affect the state of gas market in Finland, moreover, it is likely to positively affect the download of the local industry.

“The planned construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, as well as that of Northern stream project, will be carried out in Finland and the Baltic countries. It won't affect the gas market in Finland. Hence, our position on this issue is neutral,” Liisa Heikinheimo said.

She has added that the pipeline construction in the Finnish territorial waters is scheduled to start in March 2018.