Russian Construction Ministry voiced its stance on anti-US sanctions

Russian Construction Ministry voiced its stance on anti-US sanctions
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Mikhail Men, Minister of Construction and Housing of Russia, said that imposing counter-sanctions against the United States would not entail any risks for the domestic construction industry.

“We managed to substitute import products in time and we are now almost completely protected. We do not see any risks, nor do we have any fears”, the minister said commenting on a bill submitted to the Russian parliament, which provides for retaliatory sanctions against the United States.

The document, in particular, envisages imposing a ban on imports of agricultural products of American origin, as well as alcohol, tobacco products, and medicines. In addition, the bill provides for the freezing of cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, production of rocket engines and in aircraft construction.

Mikhail Menn noticed that when implementing projects for the construction of standard residential houses, domestic building materials and technologies were used. The tendency of switching from import products to the domestically produced ones can be seen in large-scale infrastructure projects as well.

The minister added that, in his opinion, the main prospects for the domestic construction industry’s development were related to attracting domestic investment.