New route bypassing Denmark is developed for Nord Stream 2

New route bypassing Denmark is developed for Nord Stream 2
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The operator Nord Stream 2 AG has developed an alternative route for Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which is meant to bypass Denmark, said Manfred Leitner, a member of the Board of the Austrian OMV.

As a reference, OMV is one of the European partners of Gazprom in the project implementation. Mr. Leitner has noted that building the pipeline on the new route will lead to additional costs, but the total cost of the project may not change. According to him, it may amount to 9.5 billion euro.

“We have already developed an alternative route, Nord Stream 2 AG does not need additional permits”, Mr. Leitner said.

Last week, workers started preparations for the laying of pipes in shallow water near Lubmin, a commune in Germany. Simultaneously, preparatory works are continuing for the pipe laying in the Greifswald Gulf, with five excavators digging a 29-kilometer trench for the gas pipeline. The Nord Stream 2 operator expects to complete the construction activities on this site by the end of the year.

We should remind you that in June, Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said that the kingdom could on legal grounds stop the Nord Stream 2 construction. The corresponding legislative initiatives, which will veto or delay the construction, have been introduced in the Danish Parliament.